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For Quebec Buyers

The following information has been compiled to assist potential buyers living in Quebec, who may be unfamiliar with the process of purchasing a property and some of the terms we use in Ontario. Its purpose is for guidance only.



When we go out with you showing you properties, we are working in your best interests. Before you make an offer, this is formalized in a Buyer Agency Agreement. If you are making an offer on one of our company’s listed properties, then we must act in the best interests of both the seller and the buyer, called Multiple Representation - see below. 


Building Inspection

Recommended for every purchase. Although it isn’t "hard wired" into the Agreement document, it can be for a time period that suits both the buyer and the seller, usually within 7 - 10 days. We have a list of inspectors that are used on a regular basis in this area and who are familiar with the Ontario Building Code. The inspection is to assist you in your decision to buy the property; it is not used to re-negotiate the price unless a major problem is found.


Completion or Closing Date

The day that you pay for and take possession of your new property. Unlike Quebec, there is no gathering of both parties plus real estate sales people on that date at a notary's office. See LAWYERS.



Usually given at the time of the offer, upon acceptance or upon fulfillment of conditions. An ordinary cheque will do, but it must be received by our office within 24 hours of the specified time. It is deposited in our trust account and deducted from the purchase price upon completion.


'Escape' Clause

This clause leaves the seller's property on the market and open to other offers while you are fulfilling your conditions. It can give you 24, 48 or 72 hours to decide what to do in the event the sellers receive another offer more acceptable to them. Your options include taking off your conditions to finalize the sale or voiding your agreement.


Email or Fax

We can use both email or faxing to deal with paperwork for out-of-town buyers. We also use a system whereby you can sign electronically.



We recommend use of a local bank or mortgage broker to help you find the best rates going. The bank representative or broker can start the process initially by email or phone, then meet with you in person to further discuss or finalize arrangements.



Usually cheaper in Ontario, a point to keep in mind if you plan to commute.


Health Care

Medicare in Ontario is called OHIP. You can obtain a new health card when you move by visiting a Service Ontario office. See below.


Hydro One

The electricity provider; it’s more expensive than in Quebec. 


Irrevocable Date

The time limit to negotiate an offer back and forth between buyers and sellers. Usually two or three days, it can be extended if necessary. 


Income Tax

At the time of writing, we pay less provincial income tax (shhh - don't tell the Minister of Revenue).


Just over the border!

So easy to commute if you’re working in Montreal and Western Quebec.


Knob & Tube Wiring

Usually found in older homes, it can be an issue with many insurance agencies and may have to be changed before the house can be insured.


Land Transfer Tax

Ontario's version of Quebec's Welcome Tax. It is payable on the closing or completion date. Ask us for the exact figure, but some examples are as follows: 

  • Purchase price: $100,000 Land Transfer tax: $725
  • Purchase price: $200,000 Land Transfer tax: $1,725
  • Purchase price: $300,000 Land Transfer tax: $2,975



Lawyers look after closing the real estate transaction. The buyer and seller each have their own lawyer; ask us for a list of recommended law offices in the area. 


Market Comparison

When you are considering making an offer on a property, we can do a market comparison of similar properties that have sold, so you can make an informed decision about an offering price.


Multiple Representation

Refers to the situation when we represent both seller and buyer as clients in a transaction. We must keep certain information confidential, usually involving the price of the property and the motivation of both parties.


Notice of Fulfillment

Is a form to be signed to remove a condition from the offer when it has been satisfied, e.g. when you have arranged a mortgage with a lending institution, performed a satisfactory building inspection, etc. 


Ontario New Home Warranty

Now called a Tarion Warranty, should be in place when you buy a newly built house being sold by a contractor or building company.


Possession Date (or Completion Date)

The day upon which the sellers have moved out completely and given the keys to the lawyer. The day when you are given the keys and can move in.



A real estate term meaning "old and small", commonly used in all provinces, not just Ontario!


Real Estate Board

Ours is called the Cornwall and District Real Estate Board and is located in Cornwall. It is a non-profit organization operating for the benefit of registered real estate agencies and provides information to consumers. It covers the area west of the Quebec border as far as the outskirts of Ottawa to the north and Morrisburg in the southwest. (Mavis Fletcher and Jackie Smith are past Presidents.) 


Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are used for country properties. In this area there are no rules about emptying them on a regular basis, e.g. once a year. They are pumped out according to the homeowners usage, which can be as infrequently as every four or five years or more. Currently the cost of pumping out is around $250. 



Surveys are prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor and can be just an outline and measurements of the piece of land or can be a detailed Building Location Survey. It is not an automatic requirement for the homeowner to provide a BLS to the new buyer.


Service Ontario

Service Ontario offices are in Cornwall or Alexandria for your vehicle registration, driver’s licence, health card, etc. For exact locations go to


Title Insurance

Title Insurance can be bought through your lawyer at closing; it is used in place of a building location survey, but also covers title deficiencies and legal errors and omissions.



Rural Ontario is divided into different townships, which are further divided into areas called concessions, then again divided into long strips of land called lots. These are used in rural legal descriptions. 



UFFI or urea formaldehyde foam is a form of insulation used for a period of time in the 1970s. It is identified as being present or removed in our listing information sheets. Most building inspectors now consider it to be a non-issue.


Vehicle Registration and Driver’s Licence

See Service Ontario.



This is signed to remove a condition in the offer that has not been fulfilled, e.g. if you decide not to take out a mortgage when a condition is in the offer to provide for one. See NOTICE OF FULFILLMENT. 


Water Test

A good water test is generally a requirement for all properties that have a well. We take a sample to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, and they issue a report that should indicate that the water is clear of bacteria. An ideal result is 0/0. 


Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are still legal in Ontario. Insurance companies require them to be WETT certified for safety reasons.



X - marks the spot where you sign the offer.



Zoning can sometimes be an issue if you wish to carry out certain activities. Check with us as to what your requirements might be; if we do not know for sure, we will direct you to the proper authorities.

About Our Brokerage

Our boutique brokerage in Lancaster village has been providing top quality real estate services to our clients for the past 30 years. We enjoy lots of repeat and referral business from local sellers, including hobby farms, waterfront, village and rural homes, land sales, commercial and investment properties.

Our buyers are from here and all over Canada; we specialize in helping Quebecers in their move just over the border. We are the only brokerage in the area with two agents licenced to sell in both provinces.

Glengarry County is the area between Cornwall in the west and Quebec in the east with the St. Lawrence River as the southern boundary. The northern border roughly follows Highway 417. The countryside is dotted with villages large and small across rolling farm land divided by woodlots.

If your dreams include owning a property in Eastern Ontario, come and see us, give us a call or send an email. We are easy to find in Lancaster, just take Exit 814 off Highway 401 and look for us near the bank, post office and LCBO!

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